Welcome to Pembrokeshire Paw Prints
 A Dog Walkers Guide to beautiful Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire PawPrints was originally set up as a Dog Walking Group for locals and their dogs.  Most of our "Members"  had attended Willowtree School for Dogs and knew each other.  As a Walk Leader the idea was suggested to me that it might be nice to have organised walks specifically although not exclusively for dogs and their owners.  This was set up and ran for 3 very successful years.  We have a Facebook page and the word spread.  Gradually the group became a lot bigger and it was more and more difficult to police the walks.  A decision was made at the end of 2013 to end all regular organised walks for this reason which was a great shame.  
I have however decided to keep the website up and running as a resource for dogs and owners in the County and visitors alike.

Last updated 10.04.2014

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Toby and Willow
My two beautiful HOOLIGANS